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The Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference of St. Elizabeth Arpad , the charitable love and the feast of saint of the Catholic Caritas settled on 25 November national collection, apropos of a circular issued by Sunday, every Catholic church in Hungary read to November 18 .
Dear Brothers and Sisters !

Arpad St Elizabeth celebrated every year nearing look admiringly at the Catholic charity patron saint of his life . Lived only 24 years , and that was enough to make four years after his death , the Church officially recognized the sanctity of life and set an example to all the followers of Christ in the world .

What was the secret of Elizabeth ? Whence had the power to realize your love for every day hostile environment ?

His faith was the base of the cliff , I could not megrendíteni age of storms . Vicinity not to rely on it to make a princess of the marginalized poor people and poor support . Many people are hurting and despised because of the way the charity can not only read the Scriptures , but in doing this .

St. James the Apostle 's letter also guided her lines :

" What do you use , my brethren, if someone says he has faith but has no deeds ? Does faith save him ? And if a brother or sister naked and needy of every day in food , but he who does one of you says to him , 'Go in peace , stay cool and stay well ! ' - But you do not give him what the body needs , what it is going to be used? So faith by itself , if it does not have works , is dead . But someone says , ' You have faith and I have my deeds . ' Show me your faith without works , and I will show thee my faith in deeds " (James 2.14 to 18 ) .

The Year of Faith examine our lives to our faith does cliff or not. To live my faith ? My actions show a picture of my faith ?

The Church's mission of evangelization and diaconia , that is based on the Word of God and the love to serve ads started in Jerusalem on the first Pentecost . The apostolic age was important that the signs of faith is love for the actions of the Christians as well experience the world watching .

Today is eagerly watching the world that Christ's followers are doing in relation to the world's current problems . During the Great Depression sometimes openly nailed us to the question: Testing something for the poor , or just talk about love ? Crisis in the program for two years struggling to charity on behalf of the Catholic Church against the increase in poverty. Food and Clothing of too many other ways to support families has been the existential crisis situation . It helps the families had debt trap visszaköttetni the lights , gas , water . Accessing their systems to assist in healing those who are wondering to eat , fűtsenek or hold a medicine. Firewood to support those in need in the cold , helps families support schooling and there is also next to the homeless, helping hand - following the example of Jesus Christ - by providing the name of the Church .

Holy Father , XVI. Pope Benedict referring to the angel of the related Lord's Prayer on 4 November, the Feast of All Saints reflection of them said, the Saints are those who - the divine grace left to themselves - and trying to make ends meet basic commandment of love. Love is the way you can realize who lives deep connection with God , just as a child can be the basis for a good relationship with his mother and father will be able to love others . Love is , above all, not an order , but a gift , a reality which we learn about and experience to act as a seed kihajthasson in us , in our lives we grow with God's help . Separate emphasized that if love is deeply rooted in man ,
you will also be able to love who does not deserve it - the way God made ​​us. God, we learn that the other person should not only look at our own eyes , but his eyes of Jesus with his eyes.

When we open to another, go ahead , willing to turn to , it is opened to God 's goodness feel the " love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable to each other , a reciprocal relationship " - taught XVI . Benedict . He added that " the Eucharist, Jesus gives us the gift of this double love that you give yourself that this bread feeding should love one another as he loved us . "
The Pope has called all Christians to be able to express their faith in the one true faith in God through love of neighbor glowing testimony .

Dear Brothers and Sisters !

Hit the beginning of the Year of St. Elizabeth Arpad example inspire us to dare to confess our faith is the love of . Let's explore our environment for those in need and do something good for them , as also for conscience starts .. The Caritas Catholic parish volunteer groups more effectively in the community and make this a good one. We encourage young people and families as well , they are welcome to karitászcsoportok . Youthful enthusiasm , creativity and strengths in great need of the Church to the charity of their duties , so feel free to sign up is charity volunteer .

Connection with the celebration of St. Elizabeth's house is a separate grateful to the Catholic charity for all its employees , volunteers and supporters .

Please view our supporters love to November 25 , Sunday perselyadományaikkal service to support our church and charitable work. From these donations we can octogenarian Caritas Hungarica - Magyar supported by the Hungarian Catholic charity to needy families who bear an increasing burden.

Hit the Year of the Holy Father, especially exhort us to charity , the exercise of Christian charity towards the needy , " Faith and love need each other. " Generous donations of our and our help offered reflects living faith , recognize that by " the risen Lord face in those who wait for love . "

Budapest , 2012. Arpad Feast of St. Elizabeth

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