Péter Erdő special delegate of the Pope traveled to Lithuania

The Lithuanian Evangelism 600 Pope anniversary celebration of Franz special delegate of the Republic of Lithuania on Wednesday traveled Péter Erdő, Cardinal Archbishop.
The Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, the MTI said that Lithuania was completed six hundred years of Christian faith in conversion process. The anniversary of the Baltic countries are major national memorial to celebrate the Catholic Church, but the whole country is celebrating.

Péter Erdő said that the "big decision" was born when Lithuanian Grand Duke Jagiello married Louis the Great, King of Hungary, daughter of Hedwig. This was the beginning of the Lithuanian people's inclusion, the European Christian community of nations. Formed the Polish-Lithuanian cooperation, which resulted in a brilliant century in the history of the two nations.

Jagiello's decision is not made from one day to the next the people to Christianity, was necessary in order for decades. This process has contributed to the Battle of Grünwald 15. July 1410. , when the Polish-Lithuanian forces defeated the Teutonic Order. From this point on the Christian faith of the advertisement was not a political barrier, which would threaten the independence of the Lithuanians, independent. The Christian faith has been completed deviation confirmed the Lithuanian independence, culture - said the cardinal.

Jagiellonian monarch megkeresztelkedéséről II commemorated in 1987. Pope John Paul II, he said, it was completed in the first big wave of European history krisztinizációja (deviation of Christianity).

Péter Erdő emphasized in connection with the anniversary, "it's time to reflect on what they are today, the Christian values ​​of Europe, what can we do to make our lives more human, keresztényibbé, testvériesebbé become."

In Lithuania, August 2 to 4. between formal ceremonies at the same time in Eucharistic Congress was held in Vilnius.


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