Peter Erdő remember St. Margaret's Sunday outdoor Mass in the context of

Árpád dynasty St. Margaret's celebrated on January 18, heavenly birthday. Over the past two decades has become a tradition that on Margaret Island , where the saint 's tomb can be seen today , Mass, Archbishop of Esztergom - sacrifice for our country is presented . In this year the solemn Mass , Cardinal Peter Erdő on January 19 , Sunday morning at 11 o'clock celebration .

The National timeliness indicates that IV . Seventy years ago, the daughter of King Bela , inaugurated wartime XII a saint . Pope Pius . The canonization document stressed . " We hope that the atoning sacrifice his vocation , the first offspring of apostolic king , will continue , not only loved his country , but every nation who are fighting so fiercely with each other "

In history there are times when each human crimes and their common origin in a special way we can experience the Wicked JavaScript function. In this difficult period was the thirteenth . century, when the Mongols invaded our country. Although pulling internal hostilities left behind . This voltage is presented to IV . King Béla and his son, Stephen war broke out. St. Margaret's was just one of the goals of reconciliation between the father and his brother is the 1266th On 23 March , the island of the rabbits was done . Peace Act IV . Pope Clement confirmed .

Our people have even had difficulty in 1944 when Bishop Joseph Mindszenty, Veszprém , and a year later he was appointed archbishop of Esztergom . The country was forced to war , which took place in the souls of the greatest havoc. Mindszenty 's life set an example for his followers , especially the atonement of justice consistent representation of the life of bearing the cross of completion. Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ is considered to be role models for the St. Margaret could keep , as did her coat of arms , and in the direction of the slogan , the "Pannonia Sacra " also endeavors. Historical perspective we can say that people have contributed to peace , since the condition of the representation of the truth.

But what St. Margaret's message for us ? Some parallels St. Margaret's life situation , Mindszenty between age and suffering from a crisis of our time. Armed wars are not the same , but the world is divided, that the crisis was even more visible. Selfishness , the benefits , the prevalence or still confronts the people and the people with each other. The Church of crimes against the truth and proclaims the love . Love involves the pursuit of reconciliation . This is expressed in the prayer , fasting, taking the cross .

Saint Margaret of the Árpád dynasty divisions terminating reconciliation , to personal spiritual healing wounds Atonement, eternal idol . Following him to become able to follow up on the atoning sacrifice of Jesus to heal the wounds of the world as well.

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