Personnel changes in Esztergom-Budapest Archdiocese

Peer Erdő, Cardinal Primate, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, the following personnel changes decided on the main diocese:
Thanks for many decades, their faithful ministry, reached after 75 age,
June 30, Dr. Vilmos Khirer papal prelate, Hon. Mr canon, Budapest and Óbuda St. Peter and Paul Parish parson;
on July 31 by Dr. Béla Bátorfi papal prelate, Archbishop advised Lord of the Budapest-Matthias Ground parson of St. Joseph parish, László Hegedűs protonotarius, canon, papal chaplain's. Mr. Dean, a Budapest-Kispesti Assumption Parish priest Father and Lake Gellért, Budapest, Buda, Mountain of the Holy Trinity parish parish parson acquitted his post and moved them to retire.

Parish and parish gubernatorial appointments and exemptions

2013th Zoltán Tercsi dean, Mr pastor with effect from 1 July absolved from Budapest and Pest Small-Wekerletelep St. Joseph's parish leadership and appointed a result of the retirement vacancies in Budapest, Óbuda St. Peter and Paul Parish parocho. At the same time, commissioned 31 July in the parish governing board of the former parish as well.

August 1, with effect from George Blanckenstein dean, Mr pastor, thanking the stumbling block of St. George the Martyr, parish and PILISBOROSJENŐ St. Vitus and the 14 Assist St. parish page relative care - all other duties intact - which are exempt from the mandate;

Martin Gödölle Father accepted the resignation from the Budapest-Pestszentimre St. Emeric parish keeping the vacant due to retirement, Budapest, Matthias ground of St. Joseph parish plébánosává was appointed and mandated the Budapest-Cinkotai Mary Magdalene parish page relative performance of;

Gabor GYETVAI Father acquitted in Budapest Széphalom Heart of Jesus parish leadership and supply side relative to the Budapest-Pesthidegkút-Ófalu Visitation of Our Lady parish, and appointed to the Budapest-Kispesti Assumption Parish plébánosává;

Dr. office manager Mr Zoltán Kovács - all existing capacity intact - the Budapest-appointed Angyalföldi St. Michael's parish plébánosává;

Gábor Lak father after his dismissal from Budapest, St. Gellért Kelenföldi parish chaplain loaded schedule, the relocation vacancies in Budapest Pestszentimre St. Emeric parish was appointed governor;

Dr. Magyar Paul's father - thanks for valuable pastoral ministry major diocese 22 years on - acquitted at his own request from the Budapest-Árpádföldi St. Anne's parish leadership and page relative performance of the Budapest-Cinkotai Mary Magdalene parish, and sent to the Capuchin order;

Meclofenamic Attila Father acquitted in Budapest Farkasréti All Saints parish chaplain loaded schedule and the relocation vacancies in Budapest Kispesti Wekerletelep St. Joseph's parish was appointed governor;

Nowaczek Máriusz Lublin diocese Father, who has previously served as the principal diocese, the bishop appointed with the consent of the Budapest-Árpádföldi governor of St. Anne's parish;

Governor Paul Francis parish Father acquitted in Budapest Angyalföldi government of St. Michael's parish, and appointed Deputy plébánosává the same parish;

John Rajk Father acquitted in Budapest, Krisztina City Snows parish-loaded chaplaincy position and vacancies due to retirement Budapest Buda, Mountain Trinity Parish was appointed governor;

Szucs Balazs university chaplain Father roster intact appointed to the Budapest-Széphalom Heart of Jesus parish became governor, and entrusted the Budapest-Pesthidegkút-Ófalu Visitation of Our Lady parish page of the relative benefits;

Peter Wilheim Father acquitted in Budapest Újlipótvárosi Arpad St. Margaret parish role of chaplaincy position, and wormwood was appointed St George the Martyr, parish became governor, commissioned him to PILISBOROSJENŐ St. Vitus and the 14 Assist St. parish page relative benefits as well.

Chaplain appointment

With effect from 1 August Header Father Csaba, Budapest and Rákosfalva St. Stephen's parish, káplánját acquitted former position, and the Buda Castle Assumption Parish appointed káplánjává;

Mr. Gregory Magyar OFM Provincial tabling - ei effect from 10 August - L. Szikszay fr. Leopold's father acquitted in Budapest, St Stephen's Road Martyr parish-loaded status of the chaplain, and the location - same effect - Jozsef Varga fr. Camille has appointed Father also chaplain.

Újmisések dispozíciói

With effect from August 1, Nicholas Adam's father was appointed chaplain in Budapest, Szent Gellért Kelenföldi parish and at the same time instructed to perform tasks of a university assistant minister Peter's Catholic University;
Father Emmanuel Lejtényi the Budapest-Újlipótvárosi Arpad parish of St. Margaret;
Father Peter Zoltan Lorincz in Budapest Farkasréti All Saints parish was the first chaplain schedule.

Accessibility ministry exemptions and appointments

August 1, with effect from Psalm Bakos Father, the stumbling block of St. George the Martyr, parish and PILISBOROSJENŐ St. Vitus and the 14 Assist St. parish auxiliary chaplain of the acquitted on 1 August with effect from that post and appointing the Budapest Krisztina City Snows-parish support lelkészévé;

Father Andrew Héray FSO - Other reassignments intact - was acquitted of the Little Pest-Budapest-Wekerletelep St. Joseph's parish pastoral support role assignment;

Mr. Grzegorz Burbela SVD Provincial presentation of the current year on 1 September Hurgoi appointed Alexander SVD Father of Budapest, Budapest, Cape St. Leopold parish auxiliary lelkészévé.

Bureau Deputy Director Appointment

As pastoral offices that are responsible for the current work of Father bureau director also is extended to more efficient operation of the Archbishop's Office on August 1, with effect from Archbishop's secretary László Monostori dispenser Father - other reassignments intact - appointed Esztergom-Budapest, Primate of the Diocese of the Office of Director, Deputy.

The archdiocese preparing for ordination, the newly dedicated deacons involved in pastoral practice is 2013/2014-es during the school year.

From 1 September, Andrew Hodász of Budapest, Pestszentlőrinc Immaculate Heart of Mary főplébánián;
Locksmith in Budapest Bence-Teresa of Avila City of St Teresa parish;
Zoltan Marton Budapest, Krisztina Snows City-parish;
Szemeretelep Stephen, performed by the Budapest-Felsőviziváros St. Anne's parish diaconal practice.

Esztergom-Budapest, Primate of the Diocese

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