Orientale Lumen 2012/13 - Easter

The Saint Ephraim Male Choir
2013th May 5, 20:00 - St Stephen's Cathedral
Orientale Lumen - Eastern Light of the Holy Ephraim Male Choir concert series continues with the Orthodox Easter is the feast of St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest. On May 5, 20:00 am at the Serbian church music wll: Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijevic Female Choir and Barilla will be the guests. Art directors: Catherine Thomas and Tasic Bubnó. Learn southern neighbor stunningly beautiful church music culture! You are welcome!

Tickets: 2800 HUF Student / Senior: 2200 HUF

Tickets can be purchased prior to the www.jegymester.hu side as well as the well-known agencies, as well as a concert venue.



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