Completed years of faith in Esztergom- Budapest Archdiocese

Cardinal Peter Erdő on November 17 , closed on Sunday in the St. Stephen 's Basilica, celebration of Mass in the year of the faith of Esztergom- Budapest Archdiocese . Thank goodness for all of last year were part of the mass . In the same themselves took the solemn celebration of the Archbishop's seminary in Esztergom and Budapest Central Seminary sophomore student seminarians of the cassock .

On November 24 , Pope Francis of Christ the King Sunday formally closes the hit of the year by his predecessor , XVI. Pope Benedict XVI has opened 2012. October 11 . The Holy Father's intentions for the mind: when the II . Vatican begins fiftieth of the Catholic Church Catechism of the issue of the twentieth anniversary of the announced theme years to believers and non-believers are not only considered a social, cultural and political aspects of the Christian faith , but also a real depth of Jesus Christ 's teaching see her.

In our country almost every diocese officially closed in the new year dedicated to evangelization . This was the first cardinal FOREST Peter on November 17, the St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.

' Please Christ our Lord , renew in us the power and joy of faith. Flood hit the light of our parish and the whole of humanity " - pleaded homily , Cardinal Peter Erdő , emphasizing that when year of the hit program last fall began, did not know what variety of years preparing the providence of our Church and for humanity. The prelate stressed that a belief in faith, God reveals the reliance on the other hand grace, a gift of God , at the same time slot is truth , objective content. FOREST Peter also added that year was a time of faith for the Church to preach the gospel , the possibility that " more and more trying to transfer the contents of religious education and adult faith catechesis .

Cardinal Peter Erdő homily ,  teachings of the Bible is the work contemplated in connection therewith , in the meantime , until the end of the world , the final coming of Christ, we wait, we have a duty to work. "He does not want to work , neither should he eat " - Apostle Paul not only said , but it has also achieved with these words, in addition to manual work , which was not lawful for a man worthy of public opinion at the time . The biblical narrative of the Creator even before sin, it appears as if he is working six days and the seventh a rest - it also shows that job creation capability resulting from our nature , rather than the punishment of original sin . The Scripture can not distinguish between mental and physical labor , Jesus himself spent many years in manual work is done.

Our work has value - explained the prelate - we are in it for God 's work as Creator and Redeemer , and help our fellow man , but also because they maintained their work lives. "Work , life, responsible , sensible filled time of our lives are always ready we own death and our end of time because ' blessed are those servants whom their Lord are awake when he comes from the wedding ' " - he stressed closing the faith registration of Mass Peter Erdő Cardinal.

In the framework of Thanksgiving Mass of Esztergom seminar seminary in Budapest and Central sophomore papnövendékeinek beöltözésére well. After FOREST reverendákat blessed Peter , the little I took the priests themselves - remembering to strip off the old man and themselves take the Christ , the new man .

Eight seminarians dressed in : Esztergom seminar
Áron Babos , Laszló Knáb , Tamás Szivák, Imre Tóth ( Esztergom- Budapest, Primate of the Diocese ) , Miklós Csetneki ( Diocese of Pécs ) , Csaba Kisiván ( Kaposvar Diocese ) seminarians , the core seminar and Zsolt Kovács Vac and Attila Szigmond Pecs diocesan seminarians.

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